High Four Poster Carved Mahogany Bed

Traveling throughout Western U.S. and Canada, Kate was a favorite performer during the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. Unlike the dance hall saloon and parlor girls of her day, Kate maintained a singular reputation as a lady and performer throughout her career. Displaying talent, charm and a heart of gold, she won the hearts of many and was considered an early ambassador of the Pacific Northwest.

Featuring vintage velvet theatre curtains and renaissance fringed bedding atop a high, hand-carved four-poster mahogany bed, high ceilings, mahogany-inlaid oak floors and ornate one-of-a-kind antique pieces throughout, the Wild Rose would have been the perfect abode for a theatre performer of Kate’s caliber.

Cozy Fireplace
Cozy Working Fireplace

Kate might have been pleased to learn that she’s reclaimed her “rightful place,” next to the Pantages Suite (Kate, having fallen in love with the young, passionate Alexander Pantages, helped to fund his dream of creating a theatre empire, only to be left behind for a woman from “the right side of the tracks,” once Alexander’s financial position was secured).

Over 500 sq. ft, the Wild Rose was the private quarters of Lucius Manning (the original owner of this estate). The suite is very private (encompasses the entire east side of the Inn on the 2nd floor–no adjoining guest walls), spacious, bright, and secluded.

Tub for Two
Tub for Two

Relax in front of your own personal forest of 100+ yr old Japanese maple and cherry trees–large bay windows frame the high four-poster mahogany carved bed, while the gas fireplace fills the room with a warm, rosy glow. A massive ornately carved Eastlake bevelled glass mirror reflects light from the bay windows and chandelier throughout the room.

Enjoy your coffee while watching the ships and traffic below from the bay windows in the bedroom sitting area. Although the water view is smaller from this suite than from the Pantages suite (the Wild Rose suite does not face the water), you still have an intimate view of the bay through one of the bay windows.

Vintage Velvet Theatre Curtains and Renaissance Fringed Bedding
Velvet Theatre Curtains and Renaissance Fringed Bedding

Beyond the burgundy velvet curtains, another sitting room includes a luxurious jetted Jacuzzi tub-for-two. Although there are two gas fireplaces in the main guest areas, the Wild Rose is the only suite that has a fireplace — so if you are looking for a special Pacific Northwest getaway with a fireplace, water view, luxurious Jacuzzi tub-for-two and lots of privacy (the entire east side of the mansion on the 2nd floor), then this is the one for you.

If, however, you prefer a more dramatic view and an even larger/deeper tub (the Wild Rose and Carriage Suite tubs are both 70 gallons, the Pantages Suite tub is a whopping 90 gallons), you might want to consider the equally spacious and private, equally popular Pantages Suite.

Enjoy Your Coffee While Watching the Ships
Enjoy Your Coffee While Watching the Ships

A writing desk for two overlooks the garden – perfect for reviewing the day’s reports, cruising the internet or catching up on your journal writing. Lucius Manning used this very room as his own private study – we took the liberty of adding the tub (yes, combining business with pleasure –hope he doesn’t mind–Kate would surely have approved!). An original art nouveau rendition of Kate, “The Wild Rose,” hangs in the study.

Beyond the study and Jacuzzi area is a private bath with walk-in shower. As with all of our rooms, the Wild Rose also has cable TV/VCR, guest phone, high-speed wireless, and robes for lounging.

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