Hand-carved Wood and Rattan Four-Poster Queen Bed
Hand-carved Wood and Rattan Four-Poster Queen Bed

A popular Tacoma Seattle bed and breakfast vacation rentals choice in Puget Sound Washington, the Hayloft Suite is the entire second floor of the Catchpenny House at Chinaberry Hill – A Luxury Urban B&B Experience in Seattle Tacoma WA. The Carriage House, also called Catchpenny Cottage, is more rustic in character and smaller in size than either the Pantages Suite or the Wild Rose. If you enjoy Pacific Northwest cabin and cottage lodging alternatives while being close to all that Seattle and Tacoma have to offer, then we’re certain you will love the Hayloft Suite.

The original hayloft to the estate has been joined with the Carriage Master’s quarters to create this pleasant space. The cottage is filled with local art glass – patterned glass and stained glass windows by a local Seattle Tacoma artist let in lots of light, more patterned and colored glass in the downstairs entryway. Small but sweet, craftsman windows in the bedroom lend a cheery cottage-like feel to the room. Tongue-and-groove woodwork throughout in chocolate tones with crisp white linen trim.

Cozy and Bright Sitting Room
Bright and Cozy Sitting Room

A vintage gold leaf mirror is a great backdrop for the table and chairs in the bedroom, much like a corner in a Parisian cafe. Hand-carved wood and rattan four poster queen bed, large walk-in closet with vintage dresser to hold your favorite things (the extra-long closet becomes a perfect hideaway/play space for children whose families rent the entire cottage).

The sitting room was originally walled off from the Carriage Master’s quarters and used to store hay for the horses below (the beam and pulley remain outside as a reminder of its earlier purpose, the hay chute is still in place — we actually put the hay pulley to use in getting the loveseat up into the suite). The loveseat and ottoman in the sitting room is a total lounge magnet – perfect for that afternoon read – or nap in the (dare we say it) sunshine from the south-facing pattern glass art window.

Architectural Views from the Hayloft
Architectural Views from the Hayloft

Although the loveseat is plenty comfy for two to watch an episode or two of Family Guy or King of the Hill, there’s also a Scandinavian mid-century modern design chair (ok, not nearly as comfortable as the lounge magnet, but it looks so cool, we had to have it).

Antique clawfoot soaking tub and shower in the bath, with stained glass reflection at night from the light outside.

Please note: as the 2nd floor of a carriage house, the Hayloft has non-standard ceilings (7’2″) – not a problem if you are 6’3″ or less, but we would recommend one of our other rooms with the 9 1/2 ft. high ceilings if you are 6’4″ or above – or if non-standard ceilings bother you in general. The two-room suite with private bath is very bright, so does not feel cramped or constrained otherwise, just cozy. The term “tucked away” really does fit the Hayloft Suite – children naturally gravitate to this space.

A lot of folks ask us to explain the difference between the Garden Room (our least expensive room) and the Hayloft Suite. The Hayloft Suite is approximately twice the size of the Garden Room (at a rate of just $20 more), since the Garden Room does not have an adjoining sitting room. The Garden Room has 9 1/2 foot ceilings which gives it perhaps a more elegant or historic feel (e.g. does not have a cottage feel, like the Hayloft Suite).

Relaxing and Private--a Very Intimate Space
Relaxing and Private–a Very Intimate Space

Both the Garden Room and the Hayloft Suite overlook the side garden, with the large Japanese maple tree just outside, both have a private bath with antique clawfoot soaking tub and shower (the Garden Room has a high overhead Victorian rainshower which is original to the mansion).

Both accommodations have a small view of the bay from the bedroom (with the Garden Room, you can see the water if you stand next to the window, the Hayloft Suite has a small view of the same waterway through the trees — which is less of a view during the months when the Japanese maple tree has leaves). Both views are distant views of the water (“look honey, it’s blue! I think it’s the water” kind of views).

Catchpenny Cottage entrance
Catchpenny Cottage Entrance

If a more intimate/closer view of the water is important to you, you may want to consider either the Pantages Suite or the Wild Rose. Of course, there are also views similar to those of the Pantages Suite from the wraparound porch, front parlor and vestibule, which is open to all of our guests.

Both are 2nd floor accommodations, the Garden Room a west-facing room in the mansion, the Hayloft Suite the entire 2nd floor of the Carriage House, with both southern and northern facing windows.

Of course, the Hayloft Suite does have the “lounge magnet” – that in our book, may be worth the $20 in and of itself.

In both cases, our regular rate includes our spectacular multi-course breakfast for two and complimentary refreshments, free high speed wireless, complimentary video library, and friendly cheerful service – how can you go wrong?

If you prefer the romantic rustic cabin feel, but would like a grand suite with jetted Jacuzzi tub-for-two, be sure to check out our Carriage Suite!

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